Wedding and engagements
Wedding packages come with a high resolution photo images and post-production,
which includes specialist retouching as needed and Beautiful designer photo albums.
Please reach out to me for my detailed prices category and or to make an appointment. 
Family photos
I photograph families of all sizes.
I will capture the fun and playful dynamic photos of your family or the family as a whole. 
When deciding what to wear, especially with a group of people (such as family shoots or couples)
Colours can be divided into warms and cools. Warm colours consist of yellows, reds, and oranges. 
Cools are blues, greens, and purples, colours are fabulous, but so are browns, creams
(even really light creams), and greys. 
I recommend colours because they pop the subject of the photo out against the background, 
and then mix and match with different types of fabric, prints, patterns, solids, and accents. 
However, muted, softer colours flow the best between the subject and the background.
The best thing a family can do is co-ordinate around a general colour scheme. 
I recommend families stick to the same colours (warms or cools).  
However, avoid being too matchy-matchy as it draws too much attention to the outfit
and not enough attention to the subjects, you and your gorgeous family!
Avoid stark white and black also avoid logos and writing across your clothes. 
Patterns can add a nice contrast and pop to a photo, but stick to one or two people with a pattern. 
Don’t forget the shoes! They will almost definitely show in photos, so make sure they go with the outfits.
Children photos
I shoot high resolution school farewell photos at location of their choice.
I am here to capture those beautiful moments, no posing, no pressure, just life. 
It is necessary for children to have fun when shooting.  
While some children are very active and open, others may be rather shy. 
This can be a studio children photoshoot or nature photoshoot or even at home,  
which can be fulfilled with new photoshoot pictures once a year or every few years. 
Pet Photography
Pet photography on location and or studio shots, contact me
to discuss detailed information and prices.
Brief summery about the packages